Day Turns In

Wrapped, day pottered in a overcoat

of sun, clouds draped like a scarf .

Noisy miners, kookaburras, maggies,

even ravens took to the roof tops

to talk time away until currawongs

arrived and old day turned in.

There’s music in the spheres

even as weeks blanket the year.

C major. And a butcher bird


Copyrighted by the author



A blob of fluff fallen

on the scuff of bitumen

where a walker strolls

in the winter cold.

A tiny feathered thing

with a chance to live.


Person takes this thing

as yet unformed, to calm

and sun and makes a nest

and pigeon lives and knows

and finds a place one day

where cosmos grows


to be half pigeon

and half  like the human heart

who gave it life and walks by



Copyrighted by the author