Proliferation of Leaves

Two cyclamen bursting out of their pots

Abundant gerberas all lush and leafing

Sculptural stripes inviting awe at their

Elegant statement of exuberant style

And autumn, I stand in the swirl

Of leaves as a wistful breeze brings

The suburb to the edge of nostalgia

And strangeness, a quiet drift of day

Carrying eternity in time’s hesitation

My box full of pause and thought.

I remove the specific, yellow daisies

Their leaves assertive and sure.




Copyrighted by the author

Rose Talk

Conversation soothed the thorns

Of day, words buttressed with grit

Grew bold as talk turned to infinity

Non-existent. Air, poor soil, drought

These nothings become scents of rose

Talk all flourishing flush. How

Solid the sentences, brave bush,

Soft silk petals disguising toughness

Bred to thrive. I try to emulate

Such perseverance, knowledge

Maybe insubstantial though the bud

Is strong,  breathing chat,

Drinking lines, producing a fruit

Of ideas for an evening of calm.






Copyrighted by the author


For the baby miner today

Was salvia nectar

Tiny feet

Balanced to perfection

On a diosma branch

A  honey-beak

Of yellow sharpness

Discovering taste

Slurping that purple

Nectar so beloved

Of hummingbirds.

And here my little

Visitor verses

Lines of satisfaction

Pollen-wise, chortling

With delight.




Copyrighted by the author


The Tree Man

Walked jauntily along

Leaves and branches

Poking out of pockets

And hair, a banksia

In his backpack

So tall that the birds

Saw only tree and followed

Him home to the nest

The crest of a red spiral

Curling like a talisman

Around his neck.

Whistling with bird

The tree man

Gathered seasons

In his bag

And berries for his





Copyrighted by the author


Morning Hum

Becomes the tune of sun

The ground shuffles to dryness

The cuttings fidget before

I water, my morning

Treat a prelude to their

Gusto, a revival

That lasts till

The afternoon song

Plays dappled coloured

Notes across my

Hands. I hum





Copyrighted by the author

Quiet Star

Who adorns the night sky

With silent reflection; a shadow

Bird in flight glides

Into darkness, it’s depth

Fathomable only by flicker,

Soundless sights of dark.

The suburbs ponder inward

Life, the streets still warm

From day yawn away

The endless plod

Of  carscape. You see

Her quiet from the nest

Strong, resolute and sure

Thought returns a smile






Copyrighted by the author