Imagining the Sun Lizard

The morning brings fresh soil

Tossed from the garden bed

A careful burrow of mystery

Heaped on the ivy edge.


I’ve been through the list

Of possible visits from possum

To bilby or underground rat

Even a blackbird pecking


Grubs, though really, no sign

Of that. Now I imagine a sun lizard

Blue-tongue-tied and tired

After a day on the rocks, almost dizzy


Lazily drowsy, dreaming away,

As blissful warmth sinks slowly, tickling

Her leathery back. Radiant

She lifts her head and smiles


Left alone all day in peace

Communing with snails and caterpillars

Foraging for food among leaves.

Preparing a home for the night


Why not toss that soil again, chuckling

At the tease she knowingly prepares

With the wisdom of lizard years,

For her gardener friend.


Copyrighted by the author



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