Simply, a refrain

The simplest

Of a refrain repeats


Rounding a bend

Again, turning tumult


Away. I could shake



With obfuscation

Or even a narrative


Jibe of the post

Post-modern kind


But writing

Those words


Disturbs. Take me

Back to a refrain


Of the simplest kind

That winds around


And around. I hear

A swiftness in the line


Of time, a contrapuntal

Return to elemental


Singularity, when,

Perhaps, sound began.


To not be heard

Yet, but to repeat


To part, to circle

And spread


As music, as word

As beginning, again.



To hear the sound


Drops leftover from



Copyrighted by the author

Rain Jive

A little bit of rain

Just to my left

A little bit of rain

Just to my right


A raindrop on my top

And a raindrop on my lap


Do a rain-swirl

Through the plants

Do a rain-twirl

On the verge


A raindrop on my top

And a raindrop on my lap


Feel the rain

Sing to the birds

Feel the rain

Sing to be heard


A raindrop on my top

And a raindrop on my lap


A little bit of rain

Just came our way

A little bit of rain

Just makes my day


Do a rain jive

To survive

Do a rain jive

You’re alive


Copyrighted by the author





in which I try to write light

Suddenly it is mid-

Summer with day

Longing for respite

From lethargy.


Not a leaf breathes.

A great wing shades

The ivy now settled

Over the fence


In such profusion

That a green wall

Appears, old and



As if time

Paused here

Or even stopped.

I write


Of this mid-land,

Which inhabits

A collective space

Between night


And day

When light

Is neither sun

Nor dusk


But darkening

Leaf-stars, cast

Forever in a patina

Of  bronze.


Copyrighted by the author

Cloud Music

Cloud music lifts

A bit.


– Like a lost arctic owl

Encircling the cold

Of an urban ice rink –

I skate around

Bars of bass

My wings too heavy

To reach the last octave,

Staves of space

My best bet.

It’s a piece

Of a piece

Composed in tune

To a line.

To a line

Of time.

To a line

Of expanding time

Gliding into space.


Copyrighted by the author


Sunrise at Dusk

Then there was day

Which lifted sun-ray

High upon the wings of dusk

As night flew well away


Cowering at the hazy musk

Covering the sky like sand-dust

Engrained with an eery glow.

This day fell silent at such


A random, sudden show

Though we could not know

That time stood silently by,

Weeping at the world’s woe.


Copyrighted by the author






Copyrighted by the author