Town’s Summer Sunset

You walked the streets at dusk

musing thus:


town’s summer sunset

saw the miners on the wires

proud contented birds

with their youngsters by their




Buskers do their thing

earning coins for a binge

while the cestrum scents

the lane you walk

listening to the crickets’



A table has been set out

in the park,

a white cloth,

bucket of ice, a couple,

a fluttering moth

and bubbly only,

no baby yet.


The lorikeets

hurry home with much alacrity

while the currawongs

wish the sun to journey well

until they meet again

under her dawn spell.


Crickets tune their

chords for a bacchanalian night

but you are settling for quiet

in the effervescent light.


and so it was. And now

the town sleeps

dreams keep

a certain restless

stirring behind



the garden rests.

the countryside

stirs as the air





Copyrighted by the author






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