everywhere, glimpses

of other wilds

poke through

our creature’s

slow path:

a pink ajuga

appears staidly


then spreads towering


a mounded spot of soil waiting

for blue, sky blue, evolvolus blue

salvia blue, coral blue


blue space



blues sing of blues

sing of morning pinks

burnishing leaves

with light from

the wandering

side of the world,

sing of snail trails

of amazement



Copyrighted by the author



Grafting a cherry tree

Imagine that I graft onto a cherry tree.


I practice first, for although this cherry

weeps, its stiff branches are rigid

and unmoving and show no sign

of life.


I ponder how I could

hold its grafted trunk so that

we would meld into one breathing spring,


a shade of blossoms

which would fill the corner

for twenty more years…


If I need to

I will start again

lifting the soil, turning, tilling, trying


Copyrighted by the author





Tender: in which neglect does not come easily

Running across the wall like burnt spaghetti

strung out and terse, a creeper confronts

my stare with an unfolding.


Two leaves in pure symmetry and as still as this day

holds breath for rain, gesture to me to accept

that no harm has come to them,


opening like butterflies resting

in their evolution to colour and flight.

Still I fret, even as wisteria


returns, returns with all the scent

of a past when tenderness

circled around that one spot


of garden, the rudiments of neglect

nowhere apparent, embedded deep inside

their purple panicles


Copyrighted by the author


in which the wisteria bloomed again

Each year an uninvited guest of night

possum pet

has been ungraciously knocking around

chomping the wisteria

before it could



We gave up.


A  random glance today

caught a panicle of mauve

unfurling like a bush orchid,

a miniature feather

of fluff

puffing up a pendant

along the fence.


Chorister and I gawked

to imagine huge vines of purple

scenting the air



Copyrighted by the author




Harmonic chords

They’re walking

along routes from the third

country to the fifth


generations of people

on the move

like hands on a piano


over and over the keys

thirsting for tonics

and rests


while tourists gaze at ruins

and fields of widlflowers

along the road


decidedly unharmonic

except for a unity

of theme


and the vertical progression

of courage trying to sing

along the greening way


Copyrighted by the author