Street dance

A painting waltzed into the street

oil dripping off a dark velvet gown

onto his shoes polished and waxed

for the occasion.Here she fumbled

suddenly out of frame, her century gone;

in place engines, trains, pollution, people

while music retreated, a distant sound.

She lost her step and looking  down, saw

only him and the arms of safer ground.


Copyrighted by the author

I walk the road

to a year’s end which

ends with a piano walk along the keys

of a pilgrimage of sorts


beginning in a turn of mood

as a reminder of beat, like a pulse

of tune along the way


of sight. I join harmonic casts of

scores humming a chorister’s

song of songs, a palimpest


of melodies we once forgot. Then

a koel sang long and loud a harp-

felt string reverberating


into day. Still migrating on its

route each year it finds a night

to pluck an arrow from its heart


and walk another year.



Copyrighted by the author

Rain came

to the pavements

worn by the heat of feet

to the airconditioned offices

fanned by waste

to the parched verge

trying to breathe the fumes

of air and to the patch

with its valiant venture

though droop

was everywhere.


Birds swirled first

sensing a shift

a definition of relief

a bird-flight of



Rain came then,

a curtain call

that turned an encore

into a show

which staggers on

tap dancing

into night



Copyrighted by the author