Sky dusk

An evening all about sky

as salvia blue

appears like sky dust

in the missing pieces

of cypress thicket ,

savannah in the suburbs


this sky dusk

tinting green with the orange

of campfire nights

as hyenas

pace the plains.


This is a drought’s dusk:

a quick turn

of the colour wheel,

before dark


Copyrighted by the author



Copyrighted by the author




in which a bee pauses

The midday sun breaks records

again. And all sinks into quiet

on such a day when clouds

pretend there could be rain.

Even the bird bath sits empty,

currawong hiding in the cypress

trees, lorikeets crouched under

umbrella leaves. But there,

pausing on a terracotta ledge,

a bee drinks as if its light fragility

hovers on the edge of life


Copyrighted by the author

Garden Sounds

Back to summer, where drought drives

sprinklers into bird delight. Street trees

droop, burn. Temperatures set a record.

We have become careless with climate,

with plantings, with the spread of concrete

grass.  Here, green leaf wings spread a canopy

of shade across each garden day as sound

tiptoes to cicada song.


Copyrighted by the author