On the Blue Notebooks and Reading

Slipping away to read

by candlelight


where possibilities of peace



through words scribbled and redrafted

and tactile, books;


though news roars in

bombastic and crude, scapegoats


behind every wick.

Music flickers, not snuffed nor dimmed-


Steady, an ark.


Copyrighted by the author

One Sparrow

A departure discovered

by absence.


Families were always pecking around

at the entrance to the library

as ubiquitous as books


(those paper words

rapidly fading

into screen )


You can look up sparrow in wiki

but one remained in real

calling out among the debris

for survivors, shivering

next to the bins

all gone




Copyrighted by the author


I’ve started a campaign

Without banners, though

This poem’s my slogan

For the cause

I’m promoting

Which is simply:

Keep buying books.


Words, Pauses

Silences. Sentences.

Future, whatever

Tense it was, it is

Now as we read.


Ultimate survivors.


Here behind glass

Manuscripts are

Pressed like flowers

Ideas have been


Planted in books or

In meadowpatches.


I would read all week

For each page speaks

Of time, of books



Copyrighted by the author







Wood breathes books, breathes plants

Breathes paper that floats like lily-pads

At dawn. I choose to sit beneath a tree

Instead of lugging soil, watching pond petals

Unfold a tale I do not know. I read

Words written in wood, turning pages

Which breathe a scent of pine despite

Their long silence on a shelf. I read

The tempo of every day, taking the measure

Of time in the silence of breath.


Copyrighted by the author