in which autumn strolled

The elongated stem of a camellia

becomes a weather vane.

It sits sat still today, no wind,

just a dapple of autumn.

Time reappears to plant staychys,

geranium, careopsis, to dawdle.

Miscanthus pose above a fence

where once cypress would sift

the seasons.


Copyrighted by the author

A Camellia greets the Moon

You opened to the dusk

On a day made of sun

The mechanical slog

Of work-fog dissipating

Into vapour. A fine

Mist of moon hovers,

Humbled by your perfection.

She quivers in the soft sky

Gazing with awe, pausing

To create an anniversary day,

When a camellia greets the moon.




Copyrighted by the author