After the rains, nature responds

and thrives, a predictability

in the trouble of time’s chaos.


It’s an escape

to be enveloped in a canopy of green

to forget all except daring shades of blue

peering defiantly through the leaves,


I am thinking of you

and you and you and you

who must find new jobs to pay the rent


the sun does not get through


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Copyrighted by the author

An owl returns

Autumn equinox. The sun indifferent

to faultlines dotting, popping maps, with red.


If you leave a garden awhile, to while,  wildness

does, will return. But we turned our backs on the wild.


Tonight an owl appeared at dusk plainly clothed

in feathered ruffle, and seemed, well, stoical


perched on the wires above a person sleeping in a doorway

and owl, sentinel of steadfastness


protector of the lost, stood guard

solid in the stillness


silent in this remote sphere where greed









Copyrighted by the author



Koala Patch

A breathing, slow-footed


becoming extinct.

It needs to be said

simply. Koala,

drinks no water,

clings to the eastern

treetops and cannot

flee fire or canopies

lopped or logged

and its almost

too late, sweet

creature, following

the pig-footed bandicoot

into an unknown land


Copyrighted by the author


Copyrighted by the author