Fire Sky

The drought continues

even as leaves

speak of autumn.


Mining the land

speaks of leaves.

More trees are leaving,

felled forests of life.


We have become

the surface planet,

surface hard, brittle.


Imagine the jobs

to replant our patch

so that it becomes

the planet it was.


I digress: tonight

bush burning

turned the dusk

to fire


Copyrighted by the author


Three seasons

Rain has ceased.

Three seasons circle

our little spot of ozone

hot, mild and cool-

like food, or temperament.


A pear tree blossoms

in this once upon a time

autumn while bougainvilleas

flower as if summer always

was. Gardeners prune

when cool arrives.


On the islands sea rises,

fish retreat, crops fail,

patches of land disappear

people move


Copyrighted by the author