Reflections on A Luna/r Eve

I am dazzled tonight

By a certainty

Of a half-moon

Carved with such definition

As to clear the stars

To the ends

Of the earth.

The chorister and I,

By chance together,

Reflect uneasily

On the harbour

Tidings of two


Next to such singular


Leering forever

At the endless

Ebbs and flows

Is the face we both

Could not face

That seemed to face

Us whenever we

Crossed from

Place to place:

That grotesque

Welcome to our city.

Round and round

Goes the ferris wheel

Behind the face

Round and round


For an escape


To outer space

Away from

That vast monster’s

Gaping mouth,

A huge black hole.


Copyrighted by the author


Cyclamen in a Bathtub

This early morning caught the first sense of cool

Though the beguiling sun invited me onto the train

And out. And so began the randomness of journey,

A geranium opens tiny cups of orange;

The water draws a line against the horizon;

That building site

Of soil piled grey in heaps as a scar is cut, corrupting

The city’s shoreline with money; they’re growing

A casino…

A yellow flower protruding from the railway vine;

A cyclamen in the bathtub tossing pert white crowns

At the passing show. Words: indolent, impertinent

The magnate, not the gardener.

Home to huge blocks

Of freshly chopped-down palm tree from somewhere

I could not see for the dark.