Spider, Fig and Jasmine

Moreton Bay figs frame my work world as diorama

All sinewed, strong, leaning forward

With grandeur and hauteur reminding me

Of my privilege.


Often I pause to imbibe the view,

A retreat into privacy, only me and the trees

For a second. Today a tiny green gold

Spider dropped into the scene


Joining me in quiet reverie

So symmetrical, elongated, delicate an insect

As to bring composure to a day of measurable

Delights. Then there was jasmine




Copyrighted by the author

Jasmine Dusk

Unexpected, a scent

Amid the industrial grime.


To reach it you had to climb

The fence. blocked off now

With overgrowth and spikes

Measures taken to prevent

A mad dash across the tracks…


So fragrant, so fresh

You were willing to risk

Loose foot holes, become

Tangled in weedy ropes

Of wildness forgetting


This was the homing hour,

To reach the blossoming

Perfume of dusk.

There, against a wall,

Clambering with you


Through time

Still growing strongly

Although long abandoned

Amid the haste to block

The path


She blooms

Stoically on her own

Jasmine engendering delicacy

Amid the rubble

Of memory.


Copyrighted by the author