B Flat Minor

The young physicists sat around the table

Eating and talking signs and symbols

While I fussed and rumbled around

In B flat minor, a curmudgeon of sorts

Shuffling five flats up and down the path

Counting backwards in scale to the past.


Starting again presents an harmonic note

An A sharp and a breath and a laugh at myself

Remembering how being can equal joy times x.


Copyrighted by the author

Star Quakes

I’m a novice, I plead my case

To the chorister steeped in the maths

Of star quakes. Instead of infinity

You see E=mc, squared and rounded

Like the Arctic crown of this rock

We inhabit, clear data, tables, figures

From so far away.You have heard the sounds

Of space and I’m still looking

At the sandy moon, not a leaf in sight

Feeling stranded.


Copyrighted by the author

Random Number

You’re right, 21 is simply

A random number in the

Quantam of life

Why pick this one

As something special?


Call it thirteen days

To the vernal

Equinox when all

The world stood still,

Before the axis turned


And day did equal

Night. We have lived

Beyond numbers, and

I am leaping to catch

Up with legrangian


And hamiltonian

Equations. This

I know: that space

Has expanded

Into time’s multiple


Dimensions and I

Revel in each

Coordinate change.

I’ll never understand

mX=F but the energy


In you is unconstrained.

Follow the music of waves

Sing of constants,

For you write with one

Hundred degrees of freedom


I’ll potter under the full

Moon the day before,

Rising early at the time

You were born to plant

A random twenty one


Seedlings in the morning

Sun. When your favourite

Cake is freshly baked

I’ll plant a few extra, just

At random, to celebrate.



Copyrighted by the author