Summer Patch

While here

a passing human

bird waters the patch

with thought

so that salvias appear

like dots of reds

on an ochre ground

and olive trees

and grape vines

form a summer

patch, their


among the gumtrees” *


” from the song “Give me a home among the gumtrees” written by Wally Johnson and Bob Brown (aka Captain Rock) see Wikipedia¬†

Summer Patch copyrighted by the author


a tree bends an arm across the patch

extending an offering of berries

to baby miners darting around

my lengthening shadow elongating

underneath the leaves of the olive

as the warm sun settles westwards.


a poem accepts these small round fruit

of another terrain which lays bare

its abundance in my hand,

placing me somewhere where Athena

rests her spirit in the wings of an owl

writing an odyssey across my wordscape.



Copyrighted by the author